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I may be sick, but I'm excited!

Just woke myself up coughing... but the good news is that we've pre-sold as many tickets to the Cirque du Noc as we did in our best year when we were at ConWorks! Its going to be fabulous! *dances around*

I went in and opened up ticket sales until noon tomorrow. Just in case you forgot. ;)



Random question as I plot out my day, where is the best parking for the Little Red Studio? I checked the studio's website, and I didn't see any mention of parking. Are those lots to the south availabe?

And, is it okay to bring the camera and take pictures? :)

Photos are ok, as for parking, lots of street parking around there.
we might actually make it to cirque du noc! gasp!

coming to the vendor fair too!


maybe we'll see you at one or the other. :)
I must admit I was on the fence for this one and the $5 drop in ticket price is what motivated me to buy. What can I say? I can't resist a sale!!

What time should I arrive to get good seats for the show?