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2010 head

Multi Blog tool?

I'm looking for a tool that will allow me to update all of my blogs at one time. Here, Blogger, MySpace and others if possible. So far my boy has found a couple to suggest, but I thought I'd ask you. What do you use for this?
Here are the ones he found:


I haven't tried it yet, but I've seen a lot of people using 'twitter' as a tool that updates a blog (or many?) from a single source. Worth checking out, at least.
There is an app called "logjam" that I use and I think it supports other blogs besides LJ. I only use LJ but the lastest release may support MySpace.
I use vox.com for my main blog, ad it has a crossposting option built in, but I do'nt know where else you can post from it
Hmm, can you direct me to the page that explains how to use the crossposting option? I know how to import my LJ posts to it manually... but it sounds like you are talking about something different.
my vox
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outside services

I know you can at least cross post to livejournal.
Ah, got it. Its LJ and Typepad.