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2010 head

I did it!

New dark red hair New dark red hair



Thank you!

I wish I had been able to capture it better with my little digicam. Its a nice red, not burgundy. Turned out a bit darker than I had hoped but I think it may be easier to match with my clothes this way. :)
Ooh, how about some time after Cirque du Noc? (Dec. 8th)
and it always fades a little after the first washing. So it may be the shade you were hoping for then. :)
I vote for a poker night so I can get a better look.
Been a while since the last one.
Just so.
J. has been nudged. He's thinking maybe Dec. 14.
Ooo!! December 14th means I can go! Enough warning!

Good timing for me.
It's awesome!

I'll have to drag myself away from the boy sometime this weekend and play boardgames with you or somethin. Or hell, even help you out at the workshop... I've been craving sewing lately, and have no ideas of what to make for myself. (other than *something* to go with the moon boots)
Yeah, come hang out and make yourself something. :) There is always the ruffles.... ;)
We need your help in deciphering the new game's rules too!
Rock on.


Okay. :)

I'll get off my tookus and send out invites.


Just love red hair...

...and that would be, because it's all I've ever known?...nope, I'd be dying red regardless! You and I must have colored the exact same color on or about the exact same day...is it in the genes!
I love you beautiful!

Re: Just love red hair...

You dyed it dark red? (An unnatural color, I know its hard to see in the photo.)


Re: Just love red hair...

ahhh yes, it's indeed difficult to see true color in a photo...coming over soon!?
My hair is as dark red now as when I was 20 something...do I feel younger...but of coarse darlinq.

Re: Just love red hair...

Hehe, mom you're still far more beautiful than I. *smooch*