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2010 head

Looks like someone else is working on the problem.

Also looks like they were young in the 70's... Aptera
Now if the back was slightly longer and deeper so I could put a roll of fabric in it...

Wiki page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aptera_hybrid_car
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It's neat looking, but I just can't sit through their site design long enough to find out. What's it use for fuel?
Looks like electric or hybrid gas as per their reservation page.
Electricity. :)
Holy fsck! I would so completely and totally buy one of those. Looks like they are doing some really fascinating materials stuff, I can't believe no one else has gone the aerospace route for material design yet. Maybe I'm too much of a space geek, but WOW thats pretty! SO sci-fi. =D
Unfortunately it looks like both options will need a plug-in... Something not really possible in an apartment, or even a condo for that matter. Hrm.

who ever designed that site should be shoot. the flash is pretty and all but doesn't get to the point. i take it it's a car.
Um, yeah the web page sucks. :( Its a car. Electric...
ya, i found it on wiki. ^_^