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Do you like having a choice?

The anti-choice folks planning 40 days of harassment to "try to reduce the number of abortions." Of course the actual way to do this is by providing free or low cost birth control methods and real / accurate sex education. They have decided that the way to do this is to harass anyone who happens to want to go in to a Planned Parenthood or work there. Of course being rational about the issue would be too much to ask of them. After all they're backwards, superstitious yahoos.

I'm going to the Pro-choice counter rally. If you want to show your support for Planned Parenthood (the folks actually making a positive difference in this issue) and for the right to choose please join me. Make an insightful sign even. (This is in Seattle, naturally.)

Here is the blurb about the rally...

Edited to add, turns out I can't go tonight. Please go and be extra loud for me!

Tuesday, September 25, 7-8 p.m.
Corner of 45th and 20th Ave. (across the street from UW Newman Center)* An anti-choice group called 40 Days For Life is planning a 40-day siege on
Planned Parenthood clinics across the state, and their kick-off rally is on Tuesday, September 25 at 7 p.m.

Please let us know if you plan to attend the rally and stand up for reproductive rights.

Contact Sasha Cousineau
(206) 624-1990.

*They say their aim is to reduce the number of abortions. They say their strategy will produce RESULTS. Their tactic? Protesting in front of reproductive health clinics for 40 days.*

Shaming women is an unacceptable tactic for reducing the number of unintended pregnancies. Stigmatizing women and men who seek reproductive health care is not in line with the values of our pro-choice community.

*So what are we going to do? Counter rally for real results!*

Make a sign and join us at a rational counter rally in response to irrational, unproven tactics. *We will NOT tolerate the shaming or harassment of women and health care providers in our community!*

Please let us know if you plan to attend the rally. Contact Sasha Cousineau at (206) 624-1990 or SashaCousineau@ProChoiceWashington.org.


I really wanted to go to this but couldn't find anyone to cover at work :(
It was disgusting to see Pro Life Washington's booth at the Fair this year. It was in the Education section of the Pavillion building. Not one bit of literature on how to reduce the chances of unwanted pregancy, just the usual obsession with fetuses. :-P
Thanks for posting this! I'll see you there :)
Oh I'm so glad. It turns out I can't go tonight and I was seriously bummed till I saw that others are! Be extra loud for me. :)
darkmane and I will be there. Thanks for posting this.
Oh I'm so glad. It turns out I can't go tonight and I was seriously bummed till I saw that others are! Be extra loud for me. :)
Not all pro-life people are "backwards, superstitious yahoos", just the ones who get the press.
Err, okay. So some people who want to keep women from being able to make their own choices are not backwards yahoos?
It's a perception thing. The premise of the pro-life side is not stopping choice but preventing the end of a life. Same as the premise of pro-choice side is not about the fetus but encouraging a woman's choice. It comes down to one person's right to choose vs. two people's lives. Baby or fetus. "Killer" vs. "backwards yahoo". Both sides can launch various insults at each other but it really comes down to understanding each other's true feelings on the subject.
I was merely pointing out that your comments only consider one perception on the issue and that the radical people on both sides are always the ones who get the press.
If they really wanted to make a difference in the problem they would help prevent the situation that causes a woman to need to choose to have her life as she wishes it or to nurture an accidental child. They would help with educating youth, giving money for free exams and birth control. They would not harass and intimidate the same people who may then not get the services they need to keep themselves from getting into that same trouble. I was nearly too scared to walk past them when I was 16 and in desperate need of real facts. Thank god I had a strong enough constitution. Nobody should have to experience that when trying to gain access to a service that is essential and ultimately the better deterrent to abortion because it actually provides the needed tools to stop the parasite from happening in the first place.

Thanks for spreading the good word!

Hey there,

I randomly came across your post and wanted to thank you for sharing our call to action.

Sasha Summer Cousineau