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Yard Sale Sunday Noon to 5pm.

Life has been so busy I nearly forgot about the fund raiser I'm putting together tomorrow! Its to benefit the CSPC of course.

Its a yard sale! We've had so many people join in that we're going to be in the main space now in stead of the annex. You should really come shop if you like:
Toys and leather wear.
Collars for submissives and some toys.
Clothing and shoes. (In small and medium sizes.)
A small book case, some lingerie, a pair of bedside tables, and a latex cat suit by Seal Wear, some toys and various other latex items.
Erotic clothes and accessories. (sizes unknown.)
Fetish wear and sexy stuff.
Larger size custom leather corsets.
A bunch of clothing, casual and business, in large sizes.
Lot of goth clothing and some other stuff. (In small and medium sizes)
Lot of sewing findings and fabrics. Suitable for street clothing to burlesque costuming. Also some large size clothing and fetish wear.

(list is not complete)

If you know someone who sews they won't want to miss this! I'm getting rid of everything I don't currently use in my business. Anything I don't sell for cheap here is getting donated to a school. (This is of course only referring to the sewing supplies and fabrics.)


Eeep! did I need to sign up anywhere? Can I still get in? I've been working too much lately.. but I'm looking forward to the sale!
Of course you're in! Setup is between 10:30am and 11:30 am. :)
Do you need to be a member to go to this? It sounds great.
Anybody can come. :)
Cool, thanks!!
I just posted about it in the forum (which still has the Wet Spot header).
Augh! I am so sorry I missed this.