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2010 head

Meme - gosh but I've done or thought about doing a lot of these.

(Also believe it or not I didn't tweak it to make Fashion Designer and Dressmaker come up.)

1.Tailor / Dressmaker
2. Sign Maker
3. Fashion Designer
4. Dental Lab Tech
5. Locksmith
6. Graphic Designer
7. Artist
8. Picture Framer
9. Upholsterer
10. Furniture Finisher
11. Security Systems Technician
12. Bicycle Mechanic
13. Medical Illustrator
14. Potter
15. Musical Instrument Builder and Repairer
16. Industrial Designer
17. Craftsperson
18. Jeweler
19. Gunsmith
20. Interior Designer
21. Computer Animator
22. Cabinetmaker
23. Autobody Repairer
24. Desktop Publisher
25. Cartoonist / Comic Illustrator
26. Electronics Assembler
27. Electrician
28. Animator
29. Optical / Ophthalmic Lab Technician
30. Exhibit Designer


Didn't you work as a signmaker at one time?
Yes I did, actually loved that job too. :)
Also as a graphic designer.
Also made jewelry as a side job for a while.

Off topic

So, I have a buisnessy question having to do with some rubber altering ;-)

I am not sure how you prefer being contacted, but I could email you if you like.

Re: Off topic

Sure or you can ask here. Whatever wors. :)

Re: Off topic

So, I gotta vac bed. And I looove it.
But, I was wondering if you could make it so I have the otion of being able to stick someones head either in OR outside of it.

I am sure it would not be to difficult figureing this out.. I was thinking even maybe a hole with a flap under it that can cutt it off if I wanted to keep their head inside.

But, I did not wanna go cutting away at it myself.

Or if you have a better idea, i would love to hear it.

Re: Off topic

Oh dear. Actually I don't know about that. I've only used a vac bed twice and have never made one or modified one. I think you may be able to do what you're suggesting but I think its far more likely that air leakage would be quite an issue. You may want to simply make yourself another vac bed sheath of latex with a hole to use sometimes. (I'm assuming you are one of the latexcrafters.)

Re: Off topic

No, Im not a crafter at all.
I would love to learn perhaps!hah

Well, it has a crotch opening, so thats where i got the idea that you could do the same, just with a bir of a larger hole. I was thinking maybe at the other end of the bed so I could flip it or somthing.

Re: Off topic

I don't know, honestly. I imagine a large enough hole for a head might prove more resistant to the mere flap.

Re: Off topic

Yeah, Thats what Im worried about too.


How much would a new sheath be, ya think?
Would ya be willing to give it a try to make me one with maybe a hood attached or somthing?
I have seen them like that before to.. But, thats not somthing I would add to the one i have now.

Re: Off topic

Looks like you can get one for just $300.

re: no tweak here

I think it's the Doing Things inclination that makes those come out.

Re: re: no tweak here

Most likely.