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girl orgy

Been a long time since I posted anything of note...

Paradise was fun and I had the prettiest pony there was! Sugar (bound_tiger) was wearing his new harness made by our friend "D" and a black catsuit with white on one shoulder and both legs as well as his 'feathers' which is what its called when a horse has long hair on his lower legs falling down over his hooves. (Do not stay tuned to see those on fetishwear.net because boy they were a pain to make and I'm still finding fur around the shop.) I wish I could include photos but they were super strict about photos this year. :( He pulled me around in the cart a lot! He's a very good pony. I understand that we're going to another event at the end of the month, I hope to get photos there.

I love my new car, I play the gas mileage game all the time now. (Today's trip: 1: chiro downtown 2: workshop 3: the CSPC 4: home 58.2 mpg.) I meant to report on the overall mpg for this tank of gas. (The first one I've had to put in the car since I bought her.) However I'm still learning things and accidentally zero'd out the trip meter today trying to get it to display the overall miles on the car. *sigh* At least I know she's 6k from needing an oil change.

Been taking my duties as a CSPC / FSPC board member pretty seriously lately. Spending mucho hours on budget stuff as the new treasurer. I'm amazed at how much money we are spending on some stuff... I hope people don't end up hating me for the changes I'm about to suggest to the board. I have a goal of purchasing our own building in mind. :D

I'm beginning to catch up on my custom orders. Thank goodness. However I am still pretty far from being caught up. Its actually pretty stressful. I've been working till 10pm most nights. (Now that I can.) But then my back and neck hurt and I stay up late and don't get out there till late morning. Trying to turn that around so that I can be more social. In theory I can catch up and get to the shop in the morning and leave in the evening and then go do stuff. Game nights, movies, *gasp* dates. ;)

Speaking of dates, I have a few coming up that I'm excited about. One on the 12th with someone I haven't seen in a long while. There's one on the 16th with someone from out of town that should be fun, I plan to keep him in bondage all night long. Then one on the 22nd that may turn into my first ever MMF play. (I've done FMF in many, many different combinations... a lot. Its fun but doesn't have that certain new thrill. I'm a bit nervous about it which is nice to experience that again. Its been a while.) Speaking of thrills, I was at the CSPC briefly tonight during the woman's only night. I haven't been to one of those parties in a long time. I forgot how hot they are! Made me think that I needed to find myself a woman and run off with her... but then you'll all be sorry!