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The horoscope is trying to tell me something...

I've been working on a bunch of 'standard items' ordered from Fetish Wear dot net. Catching up from being injured by the hit and run driver. Frankly, I'm bored to tears. What is keeping me going is knowing that I get to make a new dress for fd_midori soon. (Start work in just a few days! Must finish a few things first.) I've been rattling around a bit about what to do for her. She's given me a go on all of the ideas I've emailed her. So of course I have been changing and changing it in my mind while working away on yet another black ( fill in the name of item here. )

Free Will Astrology hororscopes here.

This month mine says:

"Success is dangerous," said Picasso. "One begins to copy oneself, and to copy oneself is more dangerous than to copy others. It leads to sterility." Sorry to start your horoscope with a warning, Leo,especially given how much beautiful success you've generated recently.But the astrological omens suggest you may soon be tempted to turn your spontaneous outpourings into pat formulas. And that would be a shame.There's still a lot more fresh hot mojo brewing within you, and it'll reach its highest expression if it keeps surprising you. Trust what's fresh, uncategorizable, and at the frontiers of your understanding.

Interesting because part of me keeps saying things like 'don't go too overboard.' Or similar thoughts along the "be careful" line. Which have had me thinking that maybe I should make a short version of the red devil dress and add detailing, or make a more simple dress along the line of the tentacle dress but with more abstract design. Now I'm thinking that maybe I should go with the most elaborate one. :D No, sorry I am not going to let the cat out of the bag on what that is... We shall see what I decide and with luck there will be photos. I have the new latex colors and I have the cool zipper I'm going to lay them out on the table with the designs and see what inspires me more. I really can't wait! If only little shop elves would finish up all of my other orders so I could justify working on it in the morning. . .


Oh I hope you just hit it full throttle Tonya, and let yourself go with something unbelievable!

any chance you can reward yourself for the bread and butter jobs with little breaks working on the cool stuff?

I probably couldn't do it-pull myself back from the fun stuff once I got started.
Right, that is the problem. Once I start a project (even the boring ones) I want to finish before I start anything else. I like to finish things. :D