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Yard Sale!!!

The afternoon of Sunday September 23rd will be the date of a big yard sale fund raiser for the CSPC (formerly known as the SPCC or the Spot.)

I personally will be selling all of my woven fabric stores from when I used to make street wear and corsets, trims, exotic trims, leather, elastic, and etc. All at far, far less than retail and to benefit my favorite charity. Also a bunch of stuff from my house, basically anything I can get my hands on and convince myself to give up. Items ranging from antique poker chips to candle holders to plus size clothing. I may even be letting go of a steamer trunk or two...

You can participate in a few different ways.

1. You can also come and sell stuff to benefit the CSPC, 50% for you and 50% for the Center. (Please contact me if you want to do this.)
2. You can save the date (9-23) and come purchase stuff! There is bound to be a lot of great things on the offer from our diverse group.
3. You can spread the word far and wide! Know someone who sews, or someone who loves a good garage sale? Let them know!


Oooh, sounds like fun!

Is it happening at the Spot, or elsewhere?

This will be happening at the Center, yes. :)
I'm de-gothing much of my wardrobe, so there will be a stack of that.
Steamer trunks?

I assume, then, that they're too small to put your boy in. :-)
Too big, or too small... yes.
Hmmm, that sounds like another business suggestion. :-)
I am interested in selling. :) Now, I just need to box up the things that *have to go* and figure out how to get it all down there. :)

It just occurred to me: is it CSPC folks only or general public? If the latter, is it ok to bring porn?
Since all of our events must be 18+ on premises its ok to bring porn. ;)
um.... I will try to save the day and tell my friends.... I know a bunch of sewingy folks... I would bring stuff but I am sure no one wants my acrylic yarn and half crocheted afghan... so I think I'll just buy.
what time-ish do you think this might be?
There are a lot of people who crochet and knit... you may be able to sell yarn. Or you can just come buy. :)
You said the magic words- garage sale and material.

My wallet will suffer I just know it.

I might like to sell also....

What time does it start and end though? Is there any limit or restriction on what we can sell? I have a LOT of stuff, both new and used to get rid of. ;-}

Re: I might like to sell also....

It will be from noon to 5 or so. Shoot me an email and let me know what you're thinking of that you thought there would be restrictions on.