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2010 head

Rejoice for they will be clothed in the manner that befits them!

The good news is that DHL saved the day and delivered the latex dress to Canada over night. Through customs and to her door by 11am. Why oh why does anyone ever use anyone else for their shipping needs?

Also the white and off white velvets arrived today. I ended up needing to purchase them a second time because my "usual supplier" sent me 2 way in stead of 4 way stretch and informed me that "they have always been 2 way stretch." (Complete BS by the way, I still have 1/2 a roll of the black 4 way I used to get from them.) If I didn't love the stretch mesh I get from them I would think of dumping them entirely. The fact that I was able to locate what I needed within another 2 days or so is helping with that. I did voice my displeasure. Hmm, maybe the new place I found has stretch mesh too...

Had a fitting with a wonderful woman who I'm making a rockabilly spandex halter dress for. It fit pretty well and I'm only tweaking the pattern a little bit in the hip and neckline. Halters are still a little more difficult for me to hit "in one" but I'm getting the hang of it. The straps pull differently and I'm finally getting a feel for what it does in the front. Took me only 10 minutes to make the changes on the pattern.

Now I'm going to clean the heck out of my sewing machines and work table so I can proceed with the three white items over the next two days.

The bad news? Looks like I may have to postpone moving to the new workshop in order to get these projects done. Depending on how they go I may have to push it a week. I had been planning to get them done on Thursday so I could get ready all day Friday... but I didn't expect to re-make that latex dress now, did I?


So, you'll be needing the BFV on the 11th instead of the 14th? Still cool.
er, 4th.
Um, I think so. :) Glad you're flexible.
I'm not flexible. I can hardly touch my toes. But I have no life, which helps in keeping my schedule clear. :-)
I've heard some bad things about DHL as well. There's a horror story for everybody I guess. Glad you were able to get it worked out.