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2010 head

You can't defeat me FedEx!

Ok, so they now admit to loosing the dress entirely. This is as of 5pm or so tonight. So I grumbled and thought and tromped around the house and at about 6 I started making the replacement dress. I finished it late tonight, about 2am. Now I'm taking it to DHL and sending it off to Canada with a prayer that the Canadian customs people don't ruin the day by stopping the package for any reason. To avoid any of that sillyness I'm going to go to one of the DHL offices directly and have them help me fill it out. Wish me luck! Now for my 6 hours of sleep.

Re: my health. This has taken a toll, however I'm choosing to view the fact that I was ABLE to get the dress done as progress. Even if I'm experiencing a bunch of pain tonight from having worked so long. I really hope that tomorrow I don't continue to pay so that I can get to work on the velvet catsuits. (The velvet should be waiting at the box for me tomorrow!)


Odd... I've always been super-impressed with FedEx -- I sent about 200 shipments in 1989-1992, and the only time they were a day late was during a blizzard in Alaska, and the destination town was inaccessible even by dog sled. Got boxes through SOVIET customs like lightning. Only a few experiences with DHL, all of them bad.

- Eddie
swimsuits ;)
when you get a chance. They will be appreciated.

and I have three more girls I need to get measured by you for future projects. One you will really like, she is curvy.
Sorry, but I can't take on any new custom orders yet. Still working on orders placed in May.
oh, and DHL is better than Fed Ex in my mind. I liked Airborne but DHL bought them.

UPS sucks dirty donkey dicks though. I Hate UPS.
ohhh, velvet catsuits. yummy.
Fed Ex once "lost" a 200# crate full of art for a SEAF artist. Funny, it made it all the way to the destination warehouse then "disappeared".

I have a DHL account an ship though them. If it's a big crate of I go through Artech.
So far so good.

Pretty amazing that you were able to finish another one under pressure.

Sorry it happened, that sucks.
Yeah, thats why I only use DHL for the SEAF art at this point. Although each year someone on the team who is not the shipping coordinator (me) always tells someone they can use another carrier and I have to deal with it for sometimes months. (Actually still dealing with one package from this year.)
wow, I can't believe you made a dress in a night. That totally sucks about fed ex losing the package. What will happen if they can't find it? Will they pay you for what was in the package?
Supposedly they'll reimburse me for the dress, but really they can't make up for the stress and pain I went through to get the new one done in time. I should have let it go, in retrospect. (She says with her aching back.) But I just wasn't willing for FedEx to ruin my customers event. As we know, having a great outfit makes all the difference when attending a fetish event!
That is true about a great outfit. It can make or break things for me. Maybe you should "fix" the paperwork and make the price of the dress double what it cost.