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A few bits of good news finally...

I got a call the other day (Thursday I think) from a detective letting me know that they are planning to investigate the hit and run. They have an address and a plate number. He was disappointed to hear that I don't think I could pick the driver out of a 6 person lineup. Lets hope the witness who called in the plate number can be contacted, and also that they're willing and able to do so.

I just paid off my student loan finally. While putting myself through school and starting my business I lived on student loans and credit cards. I'll be paying the cards for another year or so, but the student loans are now paid off! Thats $50 a month freed up again. I'm thinking of calling and increasing my automatic payments to my credit card debt. Maybe another 100 or 200 a month. I'd rather live lean now and be free sooner.

The bank approved me for a car loan of up to 20k. However I'm not real keen on the idea of yet another monthly payment. However 15k is under $300 a month at the interest rate I qualified for. If I don't increase the amount of money I put to the credit card debt I bet I could swing it easy enough... maybe even manage both if I find someone to move into the house with me quickly after Jake moves out. I'm still looking for something older and cheap. The car I had lined up to see friday, both mechanic and owner scheduled for 7pm... fell through. The owner didn't pick up the phone for the 6pm confirmation call. Nor did he call later. I assume it sold. This is getting frustrating. One of my brilliant friends suggested I take the car(s) I'm looking at to a shop. Maybe the next prospect... The good news here is that Bubbles is running well. I got 38mpg on the last tank of gas. :D (Yes, I admit that I drive a lot more gingerly now.) I will need to get something else eventually though if only because driving Bubbles hurts my back. My chiropractor suspects its the seat itself. Ironically I'm going to see him every day and therefore have to drive Bubbles there and back.

Work wise its still up and down. I can work nearly full days sometimes and other days I'm in too much pain to work much at all (partially because if I take a muscle relaxant I am less coordinated and less intelligent than usual.) I'm still turning people away who want custom work done, but I don't want to disappoint those who have already placed their orders.


Oh, I'm so glad they're investigating. It was outrageous to me that they wouldn't.
Yeah, me too. It bugged me to think that people got away with such behavior. I imagine my letter to the mayor and city council members made some difference there...
Hmm, thats a simple yet brilliant idea!
Glad to see you are doing ok! I had heard you were hurt (and added your LJ just days ago) and was worried! Hopefully your doc will be able to help ou out some! Glad the police are after them too; I would be LIVID if they even implied they wouldn't be.
Thank you. :)