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2010 head

Evil lair equipment, yet more.

You simply have to have a crew truck to move your minions dressed in black. (Too bad its RED and would stick out like a sore thumb... hey I'm not one of those tragically comical evil geniuses am I?)

A place for the workers to live. You know, while they dig into the side of a mountain to construct my super secret tunnel system.

May as well toss in a Ford Explorer... You know, so I can bang into my enemies cars and speed off without the slightest worry that the Seattle PD will do a damn thing about it. *cackle*


You can always repaint the truck.

You know, with evil paint.

what is the car status?

I will be back in town friday but that is my birthday and prep for my party. We can go looking at cars next week if you want.

I do have a little pickup you can borrow. Manual transmission.