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2010 head

Cirque du Noc

This year Cirque du Noc is on December 14th.
I've booked Pure Cirkus to perform and its one price for the show and the ball.
Located at Club Heaven (formerly the Catwalk.)

Fetish Ball, Circus Performance and during the day a Fetish Vendor Fair.
Last year was packed, so I'm happy to have a larger venue this year.
Come out and shake your rubber / PVC / Leather clad groove thing!


i'll be in LA :(
Can't make it this year, but have fun!
Are you looking for volunteers again? If you are, I would love to help.
I'm actually not doing the volunteer coordination this year! Woo! please email vollunteers@cirquedunoc.com I don't know what positions are still open.

Thank you, I have sent the e-mail a message. :)
Yup. :)
I'm sorry. I was in Seattle this last Sept, and i didn;t even think of trying to get in touch with you. I'd love to go attend, but I'm trapped here in Satan's Anus for the time being.