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KOMO spin doctors...


Please note that the CSPC http://www.sexpositiveculture.org does not receive tax dollars from the city (or any part of the government) and is in fact paying taxes. The city for example gets their admit tax of (I believe) 5%. I guess it sounds more like a story if they spin it this way... but really they could have spun it in far more interesting ways that may have actually been true. Costing the taxpayers money? I can't imagine how they've come up with that BS. I suppose doing a story on where the tax money went that was slated for the monorail, or who profited from the land sales and etc just wouldn't have been sensational enough. (Or a story on why you can totally get away with hit and run in seattle but you'd better watch it if you park without paying.)


I can't possibly stay awake late enough to watch this. Could someone email me a link to a synopsis after it happens?

(if you are REALLY nice you'll send it to e_panther at hotmail (you know, dot com and all that) so I can see it tomorrow from work....)
I'm going to tivo it. If you wanted you could come watch it some time.
Jeremy is staying up to watch it, maybe he'll tape it for me, otherwise yes, please.
Just let me know, its no trouble to keep it for a while.
It sounds like it would just piss me off too much to sleep and I need to get up early tomorrow.
I will have to check the buzz tomorrow.
I am not going to stay up to watch it tonight as it will probably keep me up all night. I will go looking for the web feed tomorrow morning, however.
Wow... really offensive!
It will have a web feed after the original show. And according to Allena, who runs the club, the journalist who interviewed her is looking for feedback about the piece as well. I will be providing a *lot* of feedback.
Weather we like it or not, sex clubs will always be attacked and they will always have to protect their rights. That's life in this world.
Did the damn story actually air?
Ummm. Nevermind. I read the comments to your subsequent entry and saw the "story".

I asked because by the time I tried to view the video at the KOMO site they had taken it down. Freakin' cowards.
Y'know what angers me more? The sex clubs can suffer the depravity of nuisance lawsuits like this, but dare any of us demand one of these churches gets an audit? Oh No, watch how quickly they'd scream, protest and cry how their Constitutional Rights are being violated!