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2010 head


I got to use my zipcard for the first time on Saturday. I picked up a small entertainment center for my house that I found on freecycle. Its fabulous! There is a truck just 7 blocks from here and it only took me an hour so it only cost me 12 bucks to use it. I have had many opportunities slip by for lack of a truck, but no more! Hehe. This is far better than buying a truck insuring it and paying for the gas when I use it. (I love that you don't have to pay for gas.)

Ooh and when I'm in other cities I can use zipcar there too!

If you're thinking of signing up use this button and you get $25 free driving and so do I. :)

Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving!


Neat idea, but its not for the rurally inclined. I'd end up using the '180 free miles' just getting to and from the place it was reserved.

So unless they become more spread out, its not for me. Glad that you were able to make use of it though.