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2010 head

Stuff and things.

Happy birthday to my good friend carljparker!

I played a bunch of games today and lost them all, in fact I came in last place in each... I feel dumb. lol Good thing I know I'm not eh?
But the gas mileage game? I'm winning more! 51.2 mpg over the past 207 miles. I will most likely stop posting about this all the time, don't worry. ;)



All I ask is that you tell us how you hot rodded your Insight to get 51mpg.
Ah well actually I didn't. The only thing I did was over inflate my tires a little bit (42) and teach myself how to drive it. Takes a while to learn how to drive the stick shift version to maximize MPG but its worth it. :)
That makes up for me having to drive the Van today. (Some sensor has gone wonky in my Subaru and it won't idle properly. Gotta get it fixed).
If I was getting over 50mpg in my car, I'd be printing T-shirts.