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How does Sunday January 27th sound for the 10th anniversary celebration?


I think that would work for me. Of course, that's assuming I'm on the guest list. If I'm not, then don't worry about it. :)
Hehe, of course you are!
Oh good, because having another reason to get dolled up in latex is a good thing. :) What time of day are you thinking?
Its going to be evening. Not sure what hour yet...
Yeah, I can plan on being all dressed up in latex on that day!

works for me.
oh man, I know Roger will want to go -- but monster truck season (gag) starts the third weekend of january and lasts until march. sigh. not sure which show is that weekend, maybe a california one? that would rock, he doesn't drive at the california shows usually.

we got some items from your booth -- missed seeing you. didn't make it to the ball itself. :/