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I'm excited about the new location.

The new location for Cirque du Noc this year is going to be the best ever. The Little Red Studio space is so gorgeous and there is already a stage and lighting and rigging for the aerialist show. Its got these great little nooks to sit in too. I hope to see a bunch of photos of people hanging out in them. Its crazy how much easier its been to organize because the location is so perfect. Reminds me of doing it at ConWorks, except the vendors will be at the Center in stead of at the same location.. and the walls aren't white thank goodness. I've even got someone to do a full bar. The only trick here is that I have to buy the alcohol and decide what to offer. (Tricky since I really only drink rarely and when I do its a good scotch. So we'll have some good scotches and some other things that I figured out from the survey as well as 'standard' things recommended by the guy who owns the bar. Recommendations here will be considered.)

We've had some pre-sale tickets too which is always good to soothe my nerves. More wouldn't hurt... *hint, hint*


Oooh, that is so exciting! If you're doing a fashion show and need help, let me know! I wouldn't be able to show anything, but I can help with other tasks :)
I do need a stage hand. :) I'm not doing a fashion show this year since last year's was so poorly attended, and I only had one other designer showing. (I may be doing one on Jan 4th though.)
What about a theme drink or two with a kinky name? :)
Ah, cute idea. :)
I could (almost) hate that I'll be in Hawaii on the 8th! But I'll do what I can to spread the word!
:) Thanks. Be sure to keep Jan 4th free on your calendar...
Do you know where I can find the photography policies for the show?

Hehehe. I have convinced Sean that he needs to skip game that night so he can take me! *happy dance*
Now I need to find something to wear.....
Vodka, cranberry juice and sprite. Together. In a drink. For me.

How about drinks with a circus theme?

"The Fire-eater"
"The Bearded Lady"
"Sex on a Trapeze"
"The Human Zebra"

That kind of thing...
Bah. I can't go, or I'd pre-order a ticket. But I don't get back to Seattle until most of two weeks later.
Best of luck with the organizing and ticket sales.