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Cirque du Noc

Thats right, its nearly that time of year again!

The 4th annual Cirque du Noc will be dark and sumptuous this year in our new location.
Click the banner above to purchase advance tickets at a discount off the door price or
click the ring mistress below to access the official web page to learn more.


So, do you have a volunteer list yet? :D
I'm definitely going to need volunteers.
Sign me up! Door, set-up, pretty much anything except teardown. I'll skip the Aquarium that day so I won't have time constraints.
Is there going to be a fashion show? Roving models? If the latter, there's something I was thinking about that I could email you with.
No fashion show this year. The $ brought in from the fashion auction always comes in far below that which my time is worth. I figure I'll just donate money directly this year and concentrate on getting the event put together in stead of spending all that time designing new stuff.
it is a no kidlets weekend!
I will talk to sleander about going
Damn it Tonya, I'll be in Hawaii that weekend! How dare you schedule this without consulting me! Shit, I've been at every one so far...

Seriously - Little Red Studio is a perfect venue for it, and I hope it's a smash!
I think I will be seeing you there!
If you use a portion of the images, like for LJ icons, can you please give credit to the artist in the image listing. This one http://userpic.livejournal.com/30772236/1512694 , and all the others in the Cirq collection, other than the ring mistress, are by Chris Harrington. As you know Kryztoph did this one http://www.cirquedunoc.com/enter.html they did the work as a trade off for credit and to benefit the SPCC.

Thanks very much.
They're credited on the web page.


but not on you LJ icon section where you are using them.
I only use them when promoting the event.