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More folks should be armed on the hill...

No, really. I've been harassed on the Hill on more than one occasion for being a lesbian. (Um, no I'm one of those evil bisexuals but thats a whole different topic.) Once I was threatened by a truck full of assholes for being a fag. (The looks on their faces when I pointed at my chest and yelled 'Look I have boobs you boobs" ( the best I could do while fear was making my lizard brain scream RUN) would have been comical if it weren't for how scared I was. I've also been on a date with a straight fellow who was bashed with a baseball bat. He was on the hill at the wrong time. Article about gay bashing on the hill. First of all, isn't that like shooting fish in a barrel? Hey, speaking of shooting if this person had been carrying a firearm... Pink pistols! Really, think about this... if someone decides to do you harm the police are not likely to respond before at least some of that harm occurs. I called the police a lot when I lived in the Pilgrim Congregational Church on Broadway. There was plenty of time for me to take care of myself before they got there. Thank goodness for heavy wooden doors and good locks!

Nod goes to elfs for the links.

[Not to mention how much better the raver kids would have fared if even one of them were armed.]


Seattle is far more than other places but not absolutely everywhere. As for the rest of WA hell no. Spokane is in Washington remember... Seems like the further a town is from Seattle proper the more backward they are in some areas.
Ah, far more friendly. Sorry missed a word there. I'd say it was far more friendly to gay and to kinky folks.
I am heavily armed.

all the liberals give me crap about it. Saying just because I have a gun I am more prone to violence. And more likely to be involved in violent situations.

all I know is when you point an AR-15 at someone, pull the bolt back and let it snap shut, their whole demeanor changes in milliseconds.

fuck some puny 9mm pistol.

my home defense unit is a pump action pistol grip shot-gun loaded with three rounds of 00 buck followed up with three 1.5 oz. sabot slugs. those have the up close dropping power of a .50 cal round.

and every punk knows the sound of a pump action shotgun from watching TV.
That reminds me of popping in on Decker one evening and being greeted with firearm in hand. Super sexy, but also pretty frightening. How do you keep your kids out of the guns?
None are loaded, and all but my HDU are locked away.

Also, both are in boyscouts and understand how to handle firearms. My oldest has qualified as marksman.

Education is the key there. and the fear of dad is greater than the fear of god.

people say well if it is not loaded what good is it?
and my reply is I want the nipple heads to hear me loading the thing and hear me cycle the action. They will know what I have and my goal is to make them pee their pants and leave.

If they are not of the mental capabilities to pee their pants and leave well then they have more issues than I am willing to deal with and the great liberals can debate that ad nauseum.

Although I have a concealed carry permit, I carry a very sharp knife instead.
Much more personal.
The knife is made in Lynnwood even :)
As for me, as I live alone and rarely have guests, I have three loaded pistols in various locations, and I also have a permit. And considering how often my job takes me to unfamiliar locations, you'd better believe I carry.

Of course, I've actually been carrying since 1995. And I've never had to draw it.

Frankly, Sometimes I worry if I'll be fast enough at realizing that I'm in trouble, since I never have been. Honestly, I worry that I'm more likely to need it to deal with a four-legged critter than a two....
I'm feeling all turned on.

Damn I miss me some AR-15.
Hahah! Haven't thought about that in a long while. I don't know. I left them when they pulled some BS on me so I imagine the same thing happened over time with other people.
I bring this up not as criticism, but on the I-have-no-clue front: Based on what is known of the bashers, are they likely to respond to the possibility of armed queers as a reason to step down or to escalate?
Oh I'm sure if they were clued in it could be a problem. But I imagine that they'd blithely continue on and end up with a rude awakening.
The instinct for self-preservation trumps the urge to bash. Cowards and criminals always look for potential victims they perceive to be weak. They're not looking for an honest fight, they're looking for an easy victory.

I mean, what Big Manly Gay basher is going to want to have his buddies talk about the time he took three slugs from a skinny little queer?

I'd love to see it happen though.
Seen it.
Many, many years back on the edge of the Castro in SF. Two fuckwads got their asses handed to them by a "skinny little queer" that went completely Jackie Chan on them.
It was awesome.
Perhaps the thing to do then is to see if the Stranger would run a PR piece on Pink Pistols, especially if there is a rise in membership as a result of the attacks. While a rude awakening makes for good stories, having it known that gay-bashing is playing Russian roulette might make for faster results than waiting for sufficient saturation of concealed-carry permits to make that rude awakening happen.
The Stranger would probably be too confused to handle it. They're so mired in far left political positions that their anti-gun agenda would quite likely override their general Pro Gay agenda, since Pink Pistols folks are deviating from the expected Liberal Norms.

More important than educating the Bashers is educating the community. And that's an uphill struggle. But if that ever comes, then perhaps that Rude awakening will inevitably follow.

('sides, I doubt gay bashers read The Stranger.)
Dunno. Armed lefties are on the rise. Bush's Constitution?- What-Constitution? attitude has made them sufficiently nervous to rethink the guns-are-bad stance. And I'm not expecting to enlighten the bashers by this article, but to give them the heads-up that harassing queers may be hazardous to their health.
(Gaybashers of the frat-brat ilk do read the Stranger, or I assume so based on the number of ads targeting them.)
Armed Lefties scare me a bit, simply because they typically come from a background lacking in any sort of gun culture, other than what they learn from Hollywood (Which is invariably wrong in every respect).

Maybe that's why whenever CCW laws are proposed, they run around screaming that it'll turn into the wild west with soaring crime and blood running in the streets (which never happens) because they're projecting their own reactions on everyone else.

But it WOULD be a welcome respite from those who supposedly support the Constitution but generally do their best to excise the Second Amendment from it, since a lot of those efforts have cleared the path for assaults on the others.

(I could disagree with the characterization of Bush as "What Constitution?" since that seems to be true of virtually ALL politicians. I'll just lay out there that some of the more egregious assaults on the First Amendment, like the CDA and the DMCA came from the left, which supposedly supports free speech. Hellova way to show it.)

Anyway, show me someone who got his first .22 as a kid, went hunting with his dad and so on, and a second generation hippie who bought his first .38 out of fear, and hasn't even put one box of ammo through it, and I think you can guess which one I'd trust with a gun more.
Ur yeah. Thus the Pink Pistols practice and instruction from a pro.
And the NRA has been training folks for a hundred and thirty some odd years.

True, but I don't see them all lining up for instruction. Wasn't part of my example anyway.

That's not to say I wouldn't LIKE them to line up.
I guess I'm just more bothered by a President who thinks it's fine to lock people up indefinitely with no access to a lawyer, to spy on civilians with no oversight, to shut down government libraries, to harass scientists to misreport their findings, to consider Congress adequately informed by telling a few yes-men in a secret meeting, and to use an unprecedented number of signing statements a little more alarming. It's not a left/right situation: the administration is just bad news.
And I AM talking about lefties who are going out on the range and practicing on a regular basis as well as obtaining situational training. They may not have grown up with guns or belong to gun culture, but they're not ignorant of how and when to shoot.
A lot of those just aren't true, or just aren't the problems people are making them out to be.

But for example, how many POW's in the German Stalag's had access to lawyers? How often did John McCain benefit from legal counsel? If you're talking about Guantanamo, they DO have lawyers, and they aren't being held indefinitely. Hundreds have been let go, and about 10-12% of them end up on the Battlefield again. (And in all honesty, since they wear no Uniform, the Geneva conventions say the can be summarily shot in the field, so they're getting off easy).

If you're not a US citizen, or otherwise legally here, the Constitution does not apply to you. And it certainly doesn't apply to you if you're not even IN this country. So if Osama's flunky hiding out in Morocco decides to call ANYONE, it's fair game to tap his call. And if he calls someone in the US, as long as the monitoring is of the guy overseas, it's still fair game. It's not like the government is going to waste scarce time, money and resources checking out what time you want to meet your friends at the Cafe. (You might also recall it was a Democrat who leaked illegal tapes of one of Newt Gingrich's phone calls to the press). As for "No oversight" the law actually requires regular reports to be made, and they have been.

I have no idea what you're talking about vis a vie the libraries, or the scientists (unless this is some Global warming BS).

Congress has ALWAYS had special security committees of only senators who have been given clearances. That's nothing new. Although I can see shutting out the Democrats who keep turning over top secret documents from those meetings to the New York Times.

The "Signing Statements" thing is also a red herring.

And it's amazing how many folks are trying to change my statement. *I'M* talking in my example about people who buy a gun for "Protection" and think that the job is done right there, and never take another step. And trust me, there are a LOT of people who do just that, on both sides of the aisle. There are lots of people who just don't have the time and dedication to spend the time it takes to become REALLY proficient with a pistol. Even I haven't been to the range in far too long.

Sure, guns are really simple to operate, and buying one and putting a box of bullets through it at the range might be enough so that you can operate it successfully, but that's nowhere near enough practice to be ready for a self-defense situation.

You might have dedicated members of the Pink Pistols who regularly go to the range. And I would trust them fine. But they're not the people I'm talking about.

When I'm comparing apples to oranges, it's not helpful to try to introduce another apple.
Really, think about this... if someone decides to do you harm the police are not likely to respond before at least some of that harm occurs.

Exactly why I own firearms and a concealed carry permit.
Heh, that's three on this thread already.

Re: My $0.02...

Good for her!