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2010 head

Go Google GO! I always knew they were one of the few companies that had a brain. Now it looks like they are TH!NKing about the future of motoring.

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Ah, you did get a shot. :) I was working on the "feathers" for my boy's pony costume right then. Hehe
Very cool! I'm fond of the idea of the electric car. The reduction in noise pollution alone would make me a very happy POH.
Yup, but pedestrians will need to get more alert. I had one step out in front of me 'cause she couldn't hear my car. (It was in 'standby' mode which turns of the motor when I'm going slow.)
Scareeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ever since my little accident, I'm very, very aware of cars.
U bet! I am still skittish myself and at least I was IN a car when I got hit.
Time to get a 600 watt amplifier and some annoying Rap music....

Although that much power might reduce your mileage a bit.